Inside ‘Meme Insider’: Exploring The Future Of Memes With The Leading Internet Trends Magazine

Inside ‘Meme Insider’: Exploring The Future Of Memes With The Leading Internet Trends Magazine

In the fall of 2016, a post featuring the cover of a then nonexistent magazine, called “Meme Insider,” was made to the /r/MemeEconomy subreddit.

MEME INSIDER NOV ISSUE r/memefcomamy User was SCAMMED into buying worthless memes Are Evil Kermit memes the next big thing? The Rise and Fall of JoeBiden by digitalorange Trader sells at the right time; buys half of France Plus: What does a Trump Nation mean for theMeme Economy? ISSUE ONE

At first, the idea was just a joke, but our community came together and decided to turn it into a real magazine. After a few more posts and a sticky thread, Meme Insider was born. In the following weeks, we brought together over 30 volunteer writers, designers and developers to pump out a monthly magazine based on the sole topic of analyzing internet trends. The subreddit, /r/MemeEconomy, was designed to help analyze the longevity and the future success of specific memes, and the magazine was created to reflect this community interest.

Over the course of the next few years, Meme Insider interviewed large creators on YouTube, such as Grandayy, Dolan Dark, Cyanide and Happiness, CallMeCarson, Anthony Fantano and more. Staff from Meme Insider have traveled all over the world, and reported first-hand on events such as AGDQ and VidCon. Our reporters have met with Reddit administrators in Texas, Boston, San Francisco and more. The magazine also has a dedicated Instagram and YouTube channel, each with tens of thousands of followers, and has collaborated with YouTubers such as The Internet Historian and Fredrik Knudsen.

Meme Insider started as just a very small community project, but after receiving millions of views on social media and a successful Patreon page, we realized we had something special. We continued to build our magazine each month, improving the quality of the design, artwork and writing, to best shape what our readers wanted. We are continuing to improve with new technologies and graphics being used in every magazine and will continue to strive for perfection. Many current magazines are stale, and it’s time for some innovation on that front. “Meme Insider” uses the only resource we have — pure raw talent and dedication — to release the most enjoyable and varied publication.

Meme Insider Issue 41 - May 2020 HIDE THE PAIN HAROLD OPENS UP Catching up with András Arató A Weird Side Effect of Coronavirus The Best (and Worst) Memes of Coronavirus The Celebrity Pandemic Page 6 Page 20 Page 40 Text Font Poster

Recently, Meme Insider joined the Know Your Meme family, and will be continuing to produce high-quality monthly magazines, and soon, an online articles section for daily news and updates on our website. We aim to cover topics that may be too obscure for mainstream media and to analyze current events and trends from an online perspective. The internet has evolved to be a varied and insatiable monster, and we hope to be the voice that helps others understand this peculiar world better.

You can sign up for a free print copy of Meme Insider and access to Meme Insider Premium for only $7.69 after your first month here.


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